Classic Restaurant Discovery in San Diego

During a business trip to San Diego last week my friend Daniel Paul and I came upon this surprising find:

The Old Trieste Restaurant in San Diego

The Old Trieste Restaurant in San Diego

The Old Trieste is a classic continental style fine dining restaurant located at 2335 Morena Boulevard near Mission Bay.  It opened in 1963.

Old Trieste Bar

Old Trieste Bar

The owner, Larry Tomicich (above), is the son of the original founder Tommy Tomicich.  Larry, like the restaurant’s captain and waiters, wears a traditional tuxedo while serving guests.

Old Trieste Interior

Old Trieste Interior

Curved vinyl booths, starched white tablecloths, rich wood paneling, dark windowless interior, tableside service.

Classic Booth

Classic Booth

“From the Broiler” there’s Filet Mignon, Half Spring Chicken, and Combination Filet Mignon and Lobster. And, as the menu remind us, “Wine Makes Good Food Taste Better”

I’ve added the Old Trieste to my Google map of 200+ classic restaurants that is on this blog site.  Let me know about a favorite of yours that I’ve missed.

About Peter Moruzzi

Author and historian Peter Moruzzi is passionate about the middle decades of the 20th century: its nightlife, classic dining, and architecture. Born in Concord, Massachusetts and raised in Hawaii, Moruzzi graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and later attended the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. In 1999, he founded the Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) an architectural preservation group. He is the author of "Havana Before Castro: When Cuba Was a Tropical Playground," "Palm Springs Holiday: A Vintage Tour From Palm Springs to the Salton Sea," "Classic Dining:Discovering America's Finest Mid-Century Restaurants," "Palm Springs Paradise: Vintage Photographs from America's Desert Playground," and "Greetings from Los Angeles." His latest pictorial history, "Greetings from Las Vegas" will be available in September, 2019.
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3 Responses to Classic Restaurant Discovery in San Diego

  1. mussberger says:

    Its a trip back in time. A most excellent trip.


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  3. The Jab says:

    I need to check this place out on my next visit to San Diego! It’s hard to believe it has been so “under the radar”, as none of my San Diego friends and contacts have mentioned it before.


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