Classic Menu Cover Artwork

Dome of the Sea menu

The Dunes’ Dome of the Sea was an apparition created by architect Milton M. Schwartz

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Dad’s work. The Dome of the Sea was beautiful, romantic, a remarkable rotating restaurant, like none other. And the food was delicious! That said, it was the Sultan’s Table at the Dunes that won the Diner’s Club Award. The Art Institute of Chicago acquired my father’s, architect Milton M. Schwartz’s, drawings and plans, and also created a 107-page oral history of his career. His work has been displayed at The Art Institute of Chicago as well, and his first high-rise building, 320 Oakdale Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, is still a wonder for its solar energy design. It was built in 1955. – Debra A. Schwartz, Ph.D., writing faculty at Arizona State University


    • I relied on the Art Institute’s oral history when writing the Dome of the Sea page AND in the chapter of my new book that is entirely about the restaurant. The book is “Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants”


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